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Campaign Summary

  • Outline of what will be described in this campaing:

    • What you sell.  
      • We seek to provide a simple, 1-stop shop for all plus-size clothing, shoes, and accessories.
    • Who you are: Our Story, About the Company, About the Founder
      • As parents of husky children, we struggled year after year with finding clothing that fit our children comfortably at a cost we could afford.  Then, our regional school outfit policy abruptly changed (with legal ramifications if not adhered to) without consideration that the inventory of our local stores could not accommodate the needs of the parents.  
      • The influx took its toll on many parents, especially on those with plus-sized children.  Stores did all they could to bring the newly needed inventories in.  But for those of the ‘wider persuasion’, the required clothing was simply not available, nor was it going to be coming in any time soon.
      • We found ourselves hopping store after store, website after website, desperately looking to find the clothing needed for our kids.  Finally, out of desperation I exclaimed to my wife “Isn’t there a website that just sells all husky clothing?!?!..” Then, the lightbulb turned on in my head.
        • Necessity truly is the mother of innovation.
      • Needless to say, as soon as I got home (and many stores later!!!) I ran online and purchased “” and “”.
    • Why you sell it. Our Mission, Our Values, Our Passion
      • Our mission is to help all those who need plus-size clothing to be able to find what they are looking for at a cost they can afford without having to search store after store (both brick-and-mortar and online).
      • Our values are that everyone should be able to quickly find the clothing sizes they need and to get their products quickly and cost effectively.  And as we grow, we seek to do all we can to lower both costs and shipping times.
    • Why you’re different. Share your credibility (i.e. Specific expertise in the industry, products sold, media coverage, customer testimonials).
      • It is no secret that our modern society struggles with weight issues.  But seldom do we think of those who aren’t as blessed as we are.  Being a family-based business we also seek to make a difference in our world.  That’s why a portion of the money you spend with us will automatically go to those less fortunate than us.  
      • Some of the charities that you are supporting:
        • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
          • Treat and cure countless childhood diseases
          • No child is denied treatment
        • King’s Ransom Foundation
          • Provides food for countless orphans throughout the world, including here at home
          • Rescues children from the sex trade
          • Builds homes for the homeless
          • Teach skills to lift people out of poverty
        • Camp Sunshine
          • Provides a recreational retreat for children and their families with life-threatening an terminal illnesses.
          • Gives hope to children struggling with their illness and support for grieving families who have experienced the death of a child.
    • Who you’re selling to. Our Promise to You, About Our Customer,
    • Outcome. What is your call to action?


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