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    Do you believe the flutter of a butterflys wings can change the world? Do you believe you can change the course of a rapidly declining resource? Do you believe your donation can successfully restore health to our environment? The majestic monarch butterfly is an amazing and crucial part of our ecosystem. You have the power to be a significant factor in restoring and reviving the rapidly declining population of these native pollinators with your supportive donation. Ninety percent of all plants need pollination to reproduce. An increase in construction, the widespread use of pesticides and changes in climate are contributing factors in the depletion of the common milkweed plant the common milkweed plant is essential for the butterfly to thrive. This plant is not only a source of food for these creatures, it provides toxins to them as a defense against predators, as well as a place for them to lay their eggs The magnificent monarch butterfly travels nearly 3000 miles on its migratory route; all along the way pollinating and spreading nectar to such a vast array of flowers,fruits, and vegetables. In this day in age where these fruits and vegetables are critical to our own health and well being, it seems imperative we commit to successfully rejuvenating the monarch population. The health of the butterfly is a direct reflection of the health of our environment We are challenging you to be the change! We need your help to protect and aid in the conservation of this beautiful and productive insect. Your help is needed to accomplish our mission; Our goal is to plant milkweed gardens all along the eastern migratory flyway; from mexico to canada and each state between. With each donation you will receive a pouch of milkweed seeds to plant in your area, as well as a pin on our map showing your name and the collective progress