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  • Co-op Farming in Puerto Rico
    by Upwork-1

    What do you do when all odds are against you? What do you do when natural disaster strikes and incapacitates your ability to continue? When the younger generation sees no good in food production because, obviously, farming process is too much hard work, what do you do? What can be done when the government isn’t paying attention to agriculture but shifts focus to a rival industry? The above questions are asked to provoke our minds into thinking about what the farmers and most citizens in Puerto Rico are facing. We understand that not many of us have been through such a situation as it currently is in Puerto Rico but we want to assure you it isn’t pleasant. This is why our team is out there trying to find resources and give help to the farmers in Puerto Rico. The farmers are ready and willing to work with us to restore the glory days back into the Puerto Rico farms. The farmers have formulated a functioning cooperative society which will serve as our basis for helping them restore productivity to the damaged farms. The goal is to raise $350,000 for the purchase of agricultural equipment which will increase the farms level of productivity. We will also provide storage facilities for that equipment when not in use. We believe with this intervention, farming will become easier, lucrative, attractive to the younger generation, and solve many farming problems in Puerto Rico. This is why we seek your hand in this project. It’s a great feat, we do know. However, with your support, going hand in hand with us by committing your financial contribution, it is achievable. This model plan will extend to other regions over time which makes whatever you contribute right now generational in nature. Our team will ensure your contribution goes far, beyond, and even outlive you.