Investing in a Campaign

Did You Know


In 2017, global crowd funding raised approximately $34 billion, with $17.2 billion in North America alone.

The average successful crowdfunding campaign raises approximately $7,000.

Almost 50% of a campaign’s funds are raised on the first and last three days of a campaign.

Sharing a campaign on social media and email increases the contribution base by between 15% and 50%.

By 2025 the crowdfunding industry is projected to grow to over $300 billion.  WOW!


Innovation is the key to humanity’s future.  From science and technology to arts and entertainment, we all have something we can contribute to make tomorrow a better place.   But without you, many amazing ideas will remain just that: an idea.  All innovation takes some form of funding to make it a reality.  And that is where you come in! 


No-Fee Contributions

No-Fee contributionsWith My Window of Opportunity, you can contribute to countless ideas that will make tomorrow’s dreams a reality today.  Not only do your contributions help support the ideas that you believe in, but My Window of Opportunity helps to ensure that more of your contributions directly fund the projects.

Unlike other crowd funding sites who take a percentage of all contributions, My Window of Opportunity believes that more of your generosity should go where it is meant to go: to the campaigns you support.  Our platform divides a campaign into up to 3 phases, and we provide the 1st phase FREE of any fees collected by My Window of Opportunity, up to 1/3rd of the entire project’s goal.*  That means more money going to where you want it to go.

*This does not include any charges accrued by the credit card gateway provider.


Everyone Loves Rewards

As a contributor, you want to get something back for your generosity as well.  My Window of Opportunity encourages a reward’s based incentive plan with all our campaigns.  The more you donate to a campaign, the more rewards that are opened up to you. 

Do you want to forgo an award to ensure more money goes to the project?  Not a problem, you can do that as well.